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An exequatur is a legal procedure by which the courts of a given State analize whether a sentence coming from a second state meets the legal requirements so it can be enforced in that first State. In other words, it is the way which a certain country decides whether a sentence from another country should be valid -and therefore executable- within its own borders


In practice, most exequatur processes deal with three types of cases: recognition of foreign divorces, enforcement of foreign alimony obligations and enforcement of pecuniary debts. 


If your legal issue concerns two EU countries (except for Denmark), you need not to engage in an exequatur procedure. The EU law provides faster ways. 


At Varés & Asociados, we are experts in conducting exequatur procedures, and in recognition and enforcement of EU sentences. Our extensive experience, along with the use of new technologies, allows us to be the fastest, cheapest and most efficient lawyer´s office in the business. Once you have visited the notary, we shall take care of the rest. 


Call us today. We will be glad to assist you.


Juan A. Godoy


Juan Antonio Godoy is a practising lawyer, a member of Madrid´s Bar Association as well as of other European bars, and an expert in International Law. He speaks Spanish, Polish, English and French.   

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